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We are proud to announce that HyXposure Photography will be the working with local and national recording artists. Foreigners Journey is just one of the big acts. Look for our photo's throughout their media packets and website's and also throughout music magazines across the country.Thank you to their member's and marketing team for reaching out to us. This is an INCREDIBLE honor. Additionally, we to be the EXCLUSIVE photography firm for PWX Wrestling in McKeesport PA and are just beginning a new relationship with RWA Wrestling as their exclusive photography firm.

Here's to a GREAT relationship working together in future events witht these music artists along with both PWX Wrestling and RWA Wrestling.

We  just started working with the Canon McMillan High School and Middle School Hockey Programs last winter and look forward to picking up where we left off.

Currently, HyXposure has also started to freelance with the the World Champion Pittsburgh Passion. Additionally, we are working with Pittsburgh's HOTTEST new sensations, The Pittsburgh Thunderbird's and Steel City Yellow Jacket's. It's an honor to be working with both of these professional organizations.

Also proud of being a part of the Serra Catholic Football Program, Clairton Bears Football Program, Clairton Bears Basketball Program, South Park Baseball ProgramTJ Basketball
Program, TJ Soccer Program M/W, Seton LaSalle Softball Program and South Park's Daily News Baseball League in the past. We've shot and helped crown a few WPIAL and PIAA Champions over the years!! Might want to get us for good luck.

Looking forward to a NEW relationship with........You.

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